How to choose your first eyeliner? liquid or gel?

Are you having difficulty in choosing eyeliners? Usually, there are two kinds of eyeliners in the market, one is liquid(as a pencil) , the other is gel(as a pencil or use with a brush from a small bottle). What's the difference between them and how to choose your perfect fit?



Q1: What's the difference between liquid and gel eyeliners?

A: Liquid eyeliner is watery and thin, while gel eyeliner is a thick and creamy consistency. In addition, they have other uses and application methods. Liquid eyeliners offer pigmentation, but they can be challenging to apply if the formula is too runny.Likewise, gel eyeliner is malleable, but it can potentially be dry or unblendable. However, gel and liquid eyeliners serve different purposes.

Q2: Similarities and differences? 


  • Used For Precision
  • Applied With a Brush or Wand
  • Ideal For “Cat Eyes” and Winged Looks
  • Can Be Tricky to Apply


  • Liquid Liner Often Comes With Its Own Applicator Brush
  • Gel Liner Is More Forgiving
  • Liquid Liner Requires a Very Steady Hand
  • Liquid Liner Usually Offers a More Glossy Finish
  • Gel Liner Is Ideal For Thicker Lines
  • Liquid Liner Is More Ideal For Thin and Precise Definition

Q3: Which is better: liquid or gel? 

That depends largely on what you are using it for. The truth is that each liner, both liquid and gel liners, offer beauty buffs benefits that can help take their makeup to the next level. Having said that, depending on the look you prefer, you may find that gel liners may work best for you in some scenarios, while liquid liner might be the go-to for others.

Our products:

Here in Maycreate, we offer you both liquid and gel eyeliner products. Our creamy liquid eyeliner offers you smooth experience of drawing eyeliner. Colorful gel eyeliner give you all possibilities to create bolder looks to your full imagination. 



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